Directory Structure

At the root of your account exists these directories:









The /backups directory contains all the backups created through the control panel.  You will not have a /backups directory until you create a backup in the control panel.




The /domains directory contains the files relating to your hosting account(s).  Each domain hosted on your account has its own directory (/domains/  Within this directory is:


/logs             (monthly logs are stored here -- the directory is created one month after your account is created)

/private_html  (all files accessed through SSL -- https://)

/public_html  (files for your general website)

/public_ftp     (files for your FTP site)

/stats            (files created by Webalizer for the purpose of statistics -- do not alter/delete this directory)




The mail directory includes files created by the server's mail system.  Do not modify, delete, or add anything to this directory.




The /public_html directory at the root of your account is actually a link to /domains/  If you have more than one domain hosted on your account, this link will forward you to the public_html directory of the last domain created on your account.

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