Forwarders allow you to direct incoming mail to a different address.  For example, assume you wanted e-mail sent to and to arrive at the POP3 account

You can create two forwarders that will let you do this.


To create a forwarder, first access the "E-Mail Menu" from the control panel.  Next, click on the "Forwarders" icon and then click the "Create New Forwarder" link at the top of the page.  You will see a box like this:



Enter the forwarder name, destination address, and then click the "Create" button. Note you can forward to multiple address by simply separating the email addresses with a comma (no spaces). ex:,,

Other valid forward values are :fail: and :blackhole:
:fail: will return a failed message to the sender.
:blackhole: will accept the email and discard it.

You can also use forwarer to pipe emails to a script, eg:

forwardername -> "|/usr/local/bin/php /home/user/path/to/your/script.php"

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