Certificate Installation Requirements

In order to use the SSL feature your site must have it's own static (dedicated) IP address.  If you don't have a dedicated IP address, you will get an error message when you access the SSL menu:


Could not execute your request

Details:  You are not allowed to modify your SSL


Contact your web host for information on obtaining a dedicated IP address.  Please note that some web hosts don't offer dedicated IP's, and hosts that do usually charge extra for this feature.

Why do I need an owned IP address?

Triple DES certificates don't work through DirectAdmin.


Server's Shared and Self-Signed Certificates


You may use the server's built-in certificate or generate a self-signed certificate free of charge.  The requirements are:


- a dedicated IP address

- SSL access (ask your web host to enable the feature if they haven't already)

- an understanding of non-trusted certificates (see the sections on shared and self-signed certificates below)


Purchased Certificates


Purchased certificates require:


- a dedicated IP address

- SSL access (ask your web host to enable the feature if they haven't already) 

- an understanding of purchasing/installing trusted certificates (see the section on purchased certificates below)

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